Daikin FTXM35M condizionatore fisso Condizionatore unità interna Bianco

Daikin FTXM35M condizionatore fisso Condizionatore unità interna Bianco

388,81 €
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Daikin FTXM35M, 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz, 0,25 A, 0,17 A, 45 dB, Montabile a parete

Product Features
- Extremely silent: the unit is so quiet that you forget you.
- The air is still fresh and clean thanks to Daikin Flash Streamer technology: you can breathe deeply without worrying about the presence of impurities
- Motion sensor to two areas of action: this function allows to direct the airflow toward a different area from that in which the person is located at that moment; if it is not detected the presence of people, the unit will automatically switch to power-saving mode.
- Online controller (optional): control your indoor unit from any location via the app, the local network or the Internet and take control energy consumption
- Air conditioners are discreet, elegant and perfectly match the typical European style in the field of interior design
- The choice of an R-32 product reduces the environmental impact by 68% compared to systems to R-410A and leads to a direct reduction in energy consumption due to high energy efficiency
- seasonal efficiency values ​​to A +++ cooling and heating thanks to the latest technology and integrated intelligence.
- The three-dimensional air flow using the automatic vertical and horizontal oscillatory movement to ensure the circulation of hot or cold air also in the corners of large environments

Daikin FTXM35M. Tensione di ingresso AC: 220 - 240 V, Frequenza di ingresso AC: 50 Hz, Corrente (raffreddamento): 0,25 A. Livello di rumorosità dell'unità interna (alta velocità): 45 dB, Installazione: Montabile a parete, Livello di rumorosità dell'unità interna (bassa velocità): 21 dB
Colore del prodotto
Condizionatore unità interna
Funzioni condizionatore
Raffreddamento, Riscaldamento
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